aaraam se adv.: at ease, in comfort
chamatkaar m.: something astonishing; a miracle
bagair X ke ppn.: without X
ilm m.: knowledge; science
jaankaarii f.: acquaintance; informed knowledge
bevajah adv.: without reason; needlessly
daulatma.nd adj.: wealthy
maayuusii f.: despondency, depression
badhavaasii f.: foolishness
bahasna v.i.: to argue
shor m.: noise
kitna shor machaate ho How much noise you make! (masculine 'tum' form)
mukkii f.: fist
paidaa'ishii adj.: inborn, innate, natural
raftaar f.: pace, speed, manner of proceeding
aisa hone tak kahii.n der na ho jaa And it might be too late by then.
qarz m.: loan, debt
raay f.: opinion
mujhe is "proposal" ke baare me.n kal raat pataa chal gayaa I found out about this proposal last night (spoken by a man).
haala.nki...phir bhii Although...even so.
X ko Y kii yaad dilaana v.t.: to remind X of Y
maujuud adj.: present, in attendance
X ke bhale ppn.: for the good of X
bematlab adj.: meaningless
gunaahgaar m.: sinner
tumhe.n kya lagta hai What do you think?
swiikaar karna v.t.: to accept
qaanuun m.: the law; a (specific) law, regulation

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