ma.nganii f.: an engagement; asking someone's hand in marriage
phaa.nsii f.: death by hanging
khayaalaat thoughts, ideas, attitudes
aata.nkvaadii m.: terrorist
X ke baavjuud ppn.: in spite of X
faaltuu adj.: useless
haazirjavaab adj.: quick-witted; ready with an answer
giraftaar karna v.t.: to arrest; to seize
sudharna v.i.: to be reformed
dikhta hai ki... It seems as though...
paudha m.: plant
maamuulii adj.: ordinary
qiimtii adj.: expensive; valuable; precious
haar m.: necklace
chor m.: thief
chorii f.: theft
chhokrii f.: girl
sharaafat f.: nobility; chivalry
shauchaalay m.: public restroom (aka 'WC')
rivaaj m.: usual occurence; the normal way of things
huliyaa m.: appearance; facial features
suuraakh m.: hole
tel m.: oil
kanak m.: gold (wheat) m.: war, battle
salaamat f., adj,: safety; safe
hathiyaar m.: weapon
X ke haraale ppn.: in the charge or keeping of X
hoshiyaar adj.: intelligent, smart
tumhe.n merii itnii fikar hai Do you care that much for me?
la.nguur m.: monkey
naatin f.: daughter's daughter (i.e., granddaughter)
naanaa m.: mother's father (i.e., grandfather)
rishtedaar m.: relative
jaaydaad f.: wealth; property; estate
X par vaar karna v.t.: to attack X
is khushii ke mauqe par... On this happy occasion...
haqiiqat f.: reality
X ko karna v.t.: to trouble or distress X
sau.mpna v.t.: to entrust; to deposit
laayaq adj.: worthy, deserving
badla m.: revenge
bahut der baad... Much later...
nuqsaan m.: loss, harm, damage
puu.njii f.: funds, money
takliif f.: trouble; suffering
qiimat f.: price; cost; value

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