manmaana adj: agreeable, charming; noun: sweetheart, darling
bahakaana/behkaana v.i.: to get carried away, to lose control of oneself
X ko pareshaan karna v.i.: to trouble X
sapalta/safalta f.: success
X ko sapalta milaana to have/get/achieve success, as in, "aapko kaafii sapaltaa milii hogii"
raay f.: opinion, as in, "Yeh merii apnii raay." That's my own opinion. "Apni raay apne paas hii rakhe.n." Keep your opinion to yourself!
iraada m.: intention, as in, "Naa mai.n ne koii galat hii kii hai, aur naa hii karne ka iraada hai." I've neither made any mistake, nor do I intend to.
tezii se adv.: quickly, fast
turant & fauran advs.: immediately, at once
sada adv.: always, continuously
jaanemaan sweetheart
jahaaz m: ship
baar baar adv.: repeatedly, constantly, at every moment
aashiirvaad m: blessing, as in, "Dadijii ka aashiirvaad lena" - to get Grandma's blessings
meri marzii because I want to. Also, "jaisii torii marzii" - (a deferential) as you wish
X-maala collection of X, as in "kitaab-mala" - book collection
bada mazaa jaaega! That'll be great fun!
X kii zid karna to insist on X
behad adj.: limitless, as in, "behad khuubsurat" - incredibly beautiful
pehli/pahalii baat...aur duusrii... First of all...and secondly...
dhokhebaaz trickster, conman, scoundrel
X se nafarat karna to feel disgust/loathing for X
rom rom se adv.: with/in/from every fiber/pore of one's being/body
maksad m.: intention, purpose, aim, goal (similar to irada)
parinda m.: bird
kaash ki would that, if only - as in, "kaash ki mai.n vahaa.n ja saktii!" If only I could go there!
X kii taqliid karna to imitate x
band karna to stop
jism m.: body
yo.n to...phir first of all...secondly/then
apnaana v.t.: to make (a person or thing) one's own
X ke siva, siva X ke except for X
uchit appropriate, proper, right, fitting
Main chaltii hun I'm going
aisa baat nahii.n it's not like that
tabhii that's why
asar effect, impression, influence, as in, "X par / me.n asar karna" - to have an effect on x
yaad aana to miss, as in "Achaanak mujhe merii ma kii yaad aa gayii" - suddenly I'm missing my mom
mezbaan host
farz m., duty
mehamaan guest
lafaRa/lafda tiresome, bothersome, bothering
shud dosti pure(just) friendship
hasiin beautiful, handsome
hasinon.n kii kasam I swear by my beauties/women
ma.nzuur karna to approve or agree, as in, Mujhe ma.nzuur hai! - (I'm) agreed!
galat wrong, as in, "Jis raaste pe ham ja rahe hai.n vo galat hai" - What we're doing is wrong.
sahii.n correct
niibhana (a promise) to be fulfilled, carried out or through, to last, endure, or be sufficient
tumhe.n nahii.n lagata? Don't you think so?
kabuul karna to accept
panna m.: page
ijaazat f.: permission, as in "X ko Y kii ijaazat dena" - to give X permission to do Y
ek duusre se each other, as in, "Ham pyar karte hai.n ek dusre se aur ham shaadi kar le.nge" - We love each other and we're going to get married.
anjaan me.n ignorantly, superstitiously
fikar karna to worry, as in, "Mujhe meri izzat ki koi fikar nahii.n hai" - I'm not worried about / have no care for my honor.
X kii izzat karna to respect X, as in, "uskii main bahut izzat karta huu.n" - I respect her a lot.
kaash me.n taurna to make one's way ahead while facing difficulties and uncertainty
guzar jaana (euphemistically) to die, to pass on
kitne dino.n ke baad tumhe.n dekha hai mai.n ne! colloquial expression, as in, wow! it's been a long time!
chanchal fickle, as in, "Mushkil sirf yeh/yah hai: uska man baDa / bara chanchal hai" - the problem is, he's very fickle-minded.
taariikh f.: date (calender date)
mauka m.: chance, opportunity
mumkin / naamumkin possible / impossible
soch-samajhkar javaab dena to answer after having thought something over very carefully
khaamoshii silence, calm, quietness
kisii bhii vajah se; X ki vajah se for whatever reason; because of X
apna khayal rakhna take care of yourself
inkaar karna to refuse, as in, "Is ghar ka maalik is se bechne se inkar kar raha tha" - the owner of this house was refusing to sell.
puruuSH m.: human being
bakwaas f.: nonsense, idle chatter, bullshit
manzil milaana to reach one's goal or destination
ulluu ka paTTa, bevkuuf fool
ja.ngalii wild
rozii-roTii f.: livelihood
kamaaii f.: earnings
shaitaan m.: devil, demon
ahasaas m.: feeling, as in "ahsaas karna" - to feel
lamha m.: a moment, an instant
sadma m.: shock, blow
chitrkaar/chitrakaar m. (f., chitrkaari): artist
premii hona to be in love
main tumhaarii ehasaan I'm in your debt / I'm obliged to you
muft me.n for free
naaraaz ho mujhse? Are you upset / angry with me?
siva ek chiiz except for one thing / save one thing
patr m.: letter
sharaabi adj.: drunk, m.: heavy drinker
savere adv.: in the early morning
bilkul vaisa hai yes, just like that


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