saDak f.:  road, large street
dharatii f.: earth, soil, land 
putr m.:  child
javaanii f.:  youth; early adulthood, adolescence
umar / umr f.:  life, lifetime; age
andekha adj.:  unseen, undiscovered
anjaana adj., m.:  unknown; an unknown person, a stranger 
para.mpara f.:  tradition
mehanat karna v.t.: to work hard
sa.mbhaalna v.t..:  to support, take care of, maintain
aish karna v.t.:  to enjoy
chiTTHii f.:  letter, note
hak m.: right, prerogative
ilaaj m.: remedy, cure
ijaazat f.: permission, leave (to go)
besharm adj.:  shameless
zabardastii adv., f.:  forcibly; force, compulsion, high-handedness 
kamiina adj., m.:  low, base; a low or base person
dhobii ka kutta na ghar ka na ghaat ka colloq.: the washerman's dog (an idle or worthless person) belongs neither to the house nor to the river bank (has no place)
shikaayat f.:  complaint, reproach
dilaana v.t.:  to cause to be given, to put in the possession (of)
sharminda hona v.i.: to be embarrassed
badtamiizii f.:  incivility, impudence
pareshaan karna v.t.:  to worry, to cause anxiety (to)
salaamat adj., f.:  safe, well; safety, wellness, peace 
pichha karna v.t.:  to follow, pursue
gol m.:  sphere, ball, anything spherical
asalii adj.:  real, genuine
mela m.:  large crowd, festival
mahasuus hona v.i.: to be perceived (by, ko); to seem (to)
bistar m.: bedding, bed-roll
mazaak karna v.t.: to joke, to kid
manzuur adj.:  approved of, accepted, agreeable (to, ko)
dham f.:  crash, bang, thud
nishaan m.:  mark
aarzuu f.:  longing
pukaarna v.i., v.t.: to summon; to call, to name as
shakal f.: likeness, appearance, shape, form
himmat f.:  courage, audacity
bhal m.: direction
ulaTna v.t.:  to reverse (as in direction)
taqadiir f.: fate, destiny, lot
bharosa m.:  confidence, reliance, faith
Tokna v.t.:  to challenge, question, raise an objection to
dharmapatnii f.: wife
shikaar m.:  hunting
qurbaanii adj., f.:  sacrificed; sacrifice, victim
moD m.:  turn, bend (in the road)
qadam m.:  the foot, a step
sukh m.:  happiness, pleasure, joy
naadaan adj.:  ignorant, foolish, innocent
thappaD m.:  a slap, blow
udaasii f.:  dejection, apathy
pachhtaana v.t.:  to repent, regret
sagaai f.: engagement, marriage arrangement 
zabaan dena v.t.:  to give (one's) word
taaqat f.: strength, power, ability
vilaayat f.: province, realm
bila prep.:  without
haasil karna v.t.:  to obtain, to gain
jaisii terii marzii as you wish, as you please
takliif karna v.t.: to take the trouble, to trouble oneself (to do something)
vaapsii f.: return
kisii haalat me.n under no circumstances
parchhaii f.: shadow
chakkar m.: perplexity, confusion, trouble
shak m.: doubt
hausala m.: spirit, courage, resolve, morale
ghulaana v.t.: to cause to be softened, to move, to affect
Kadwachauth religious holiday on which a Hindu wife fasts until moon-rise to ensure the long life of her husband. She then breaks her fast by eating and drinking from his hand.
bahaana m.: excuse
aaraam se adv.: at ease, in comfort, without difficulty
naazuk adj.: delicate
musiibat f.: misfortune, disaster; trouble, adversity
a.nt me.n adv.: finally, at last, in the end
aafat f.: misfortune, disaster, hardship, misery
kabuutar m.: pigeon
raay f.: opinion, judgment
baraat f.: marriage procession
khelvaaD karna v.t.: to toy (with, se)
jhuuTHa adj., m.: insincere, lying; liar
aavaara adj., m.: dissolute; vagabond
dhokhebaaz adj., m.: deceitful, fradulent; deceiver, impostor
bigaDna v.i.: to go wrong, to be bungled, to fail
aamaada adj.: ready, prepared, disposed (to, par)


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