1. Shekhar, an Indian businessman, is so absorbed in watching his own interview on television that he forgets to pick up his Canadian friend, Bosco, from the airport. Bosco teases him about his one room apartment — why doesn't he stay in the bungalow he built? Shekhar is uncomfortable; he built it for his (deceased) parents; he can't go there.

  2. At an awards ceremony, Shekhar meets Amar Shah, head of Shah Industries in Canada, a big firm. Amar has bought a wedding outfit for his fiancee Piya, whom he's marrying next week; he asks Shekhar what he thinks of it.  They get along so well that Amar wants Shekhar to come to Canada, but Shekhar refuses. Amar bets him $100 that he'll come to Canada one day, at Amar's own call.

  3. Amar's taxi breaks down. He's worried now about missing his own wedding, so he starts to walk to the airport, having been assured it's not far. Accident — he's hit by Shekhar, and he dies. His cell phone rings. Despite Bosco's protest, Shekhar picks up the phone. It's Amar's fiancee Piya, reciting a romantic poem that she's written for Amar.

  4. The police have no leads in the hit-and-run case. Amar's family takes the body for the funeral. Meanwhile, despite the police chief's decision to close the case for lack of evidence, the inspector in charge vows to continue working on it in secret.

  5. Shekhar, wracked by guilt, remembers Piya's poem and Amar's $100 bet. He decides to go to Canada.   

  6. In Canada, Bosco realizes that his friend is set on something. He demands to know what. Shekhar: "To beg forgiveness of Amar's family, even though I know it wasn't my fault, and to accept whatever punishment they decree."      

  7. Shekhar goes to Amar's house. A servant answers, and Amar's granddad comes out. Shekhar admits everything to him. Then the maid returns and says that Amar's grandfather has neither spoke nor listened since Amar's cremation.

  8. Shekhar visits Amar's business, Shah Industries. He overhears Piya being told that due to outstanding loans, the property will be auctioned off by next month if she doesn't make a payment ASAP. Shekhar follows Piya.

  9. Bosco encourages Shekhar to help them bring their business back to financial stability — it's the only way, he says, that Shekhar can really help.

  10. Piya's lawyer says he'll try to get an extension on the loan, but they need a miracle. Piya, bitterly: "Miracles don't exist." Lawyer: "The best thing that could happen would be if in this coming month, the company began to run as it used to, so the bank would regain faith in it." 

  11. Shekhar tells Piya that Amar gave him a job offer in Mumbai. Piya says, "He died eight months ago, and there are no vacancies." He pulls out his big gun credentials. Piya tells him about Shah Industries's sad state, showing him all the empty desks and speaking about all the people who quit despite the incredible favors Amar had done them as their boss. "It's a drowning ship," she says. "Let it drown." Shekhar: "So you want to break Amar's promise to me about the job?" Piya: "With his death, all his promises were broken — the one he made to you, the ones he made to me." Shekhar: "I don't even want a salary — just let me work. Maybe I can save this sinking ship." Later, Piya is advised by a family member to accept Shekhar's offer. Piya ruefully replies that the way she treated him, he'll probably never come back.

  12. The next morning, Shekhar is at the office. He makes a nuisance of himself. When a fax comes, Piya tosses it: it's an order for $20 million worth of material. "We could never fill it," she tells him. Shekhar sends a quote anyway. Piya's angry; she yells at him and throws him out of the office. Then the company calls wanting a meeting for the quotation and she has no idea what the quote actually was. Just as she begins to panic, Shekhar shows up again. His job is confirmed. He vows that together, they'll save the company.

  13. Ayesha, a boutique owner, storms into a board meeting with her contractual cloth prodiver. There's some confusion about what she means when she says she has a "relationship" with the owner of the company [cool scene, as they're both confused because she's speaking standard Hindi and he's speaking Hyderabad Urdu, and they don't really understand each other]. Ayesha's upset because the new manager stopped her supply after one late check. The owner, Iftihaar, is charmed and apologetic. Ifti says to keep contact with him from now on so no new problems arise.

  14. Shekhar and Piya go shopping together for Amar's sister Mili's birthday present. He wants to buy Piya a hat, but she refuses. He coaxes her to try it on. When he compliments her, she gets nervous.

  15. They give Mili the present; she wants to know what else Shekhar got her. He privately reflects that rather than giving, he's only snatched things from her, i.e. her brother. He says she can have whatever she asks for. They decide to have a party.

  16. Ifti visits Ayesha to ask her out to dinner. Mili and company arrive to take them to the birthday party.

  17. Granddad lands in the hospital. The doctor, for inexplicable reasons, decides to talk to Shekhar, telling him that there's nothing wrong with the man save that he wants to die. Shekhar volunteers to stay overnight at the hospital, but Piya says she'll watch over her grandfater — alone. Shekhar conformts Mili (who is WAY too old for her dialogue and the way people treat her!), saying God lacks good people in his world so he takes them from this one so he won't be lonely.

  18. Amar appears to Piya and counsels her to move on, saying that the wind, snow, life didn't stop after his death, so how can she? "The time we spent together wasn't in our control; but remember that time we spent together, don't torture yourself with fantasies of what we could have done. I can't come back, and life is eagerly awaiting you — I know you can't ever forget me, but remember me in a way that helps you to survive."

  19. Bosco tells Shekhar to admit to himself that he's in love with Piya.

  20. Piya tells Ayesha (also called 'Pupu' throughout the movie) that Shekhar is hardworking and determined — maybe he doesn't need destiny. And he's special because he's always trying to make others happy. He's given her the courage to take back the office, even to dream of reshaping it. Ayesha asks, "When will you start to feel that way about your own life?"

  21. Abhigyan, head of the business that inquired about Shah Industries' quotation, has a business meeting. His company is huge, with a turnover of $800 million dollars; he reflects to his uncle and manager Tahil about how loneliness increases in direct proportion to wealth. He sees Piya and is smitten — convinced that this is life coming to him to carry him away. At the meeting with Piya and Shekhar, Tahil is impressed by Shekhar's suggestions and Abhi is very impressed with Piya. He invites them to a party.

  22. At the party, Abhi asks Shekhar whether he's in love with Piya. When Shekhar says no, Abhi is thrilled

  23. Shekhar admits to Bosco that he is in love with Piya and that's why he can't be happy about Abhi's interest. He decides to tell her the whole truth about Amar, but not admit that he's in love with her. Bosco: "And if she says she's in love with you?" Shekhar: "What an amazing day that would be! I couldn't say no."

  24. Shekhar comes to get Mili for a bikeride. Piya's upset, because he's bailing on their meeting with Abhi. "I called Abhi and it's OK for just you to come," he tells her. Mili asks Shekhar if he thinks Abhi loves Piya. "Yeah," Shekhar says. "Do you?" she asks. He looks for diversions.

  25. Once in the car with Abhi, Piya realizes they aren't heading to the office. "Actually," he says, "we don't have a meeting. I'm taking you to see my house. Offended?" Piya: "Yes!" Abhi: "I understand you totally — I was just like you six years ago, a workaholic. But in the war between us and work, death wins and we both lose. I did this so you could take some time for yourself as I wish I had before losing six years of my life." At his house, he tells her that his parents are always trying to fix him up, but he knows the right girl will simply appear. A ridiculously clueless Piya says: "Well, don't waste time when she does. You're such a nice guy, she surely won't refuse — just spring a ring on her and ask!"

  26. Ayesha confides her worries about Piya's lengthening work hours to Ifti. He says that maybe she's fallen in love. Meanwhile, Ifti's misogynistic secretary as a conversation experience. Later, Ifti proposes marriage to Ayesha and she accepts.

  27. The bank is pleased with Shah Industries' performance. Piya, however, is appalled at their estimation that it will, at this rate, take ten years to pay off the loans. She wishes for money to pay off the loan and free Shah Industries. Meanwhile, Abhi wants someone to share his bounty with; Tahil tells him to ask Piya to marry him. Abhi fears she'll refuse because she wants to focus on getting the loans paid off. Tahil says, let's help her!

  28. Abhi proposes to buy 40% of Shah Industries, which, due to his company's reputation, will surely boost the other shares' value. And with the money that comes from the purchase of the 40%, she can pay off the loan!

  29. Piya confers with the board of shareholders (who have apparently all been on vacation through most of this movie). They want to hear Shekhar's opinion. He muses about the history of Shah Industries and the founder's vow that no new people would ever come into it, concluding: While it's your decision to make, if I'm hearing you all right, you have full faith in the company and want it to survive through this bad phase all on its own. The shareholders heartily approve — and then Piya informs them that she's already accepted the proposal.

  30. Piya confronts Shekhar for going against her. Shekhar: "All those people were against your idea!" Piya: "I"m doing it for the good of the company!" Shekhar: "You were always fighting for the good of the company, but today you left behind many of your confederates, including me." Piya: "I want to see Shah Industries where it used to be, at any price." Shekhar: "One can be happy in achieving a goal only when his fellow travelers arrive with him. Otherwise it'll be meaningless." Later, he abandons the $100 bill.

  31. Shekhar packs for India. He tells Bosco that maybe his punishment for killing Amar is to love Piya but not to have her.

  32. At the merger party, Piya makes a phone call to Shekhar and on the machine begs him to come because she's all alone. He doesn't pick up. He goes to Amar's granddad and says, "You know why I have to leave. I'm the villain. I used to think if I could help you in any way, that'd be my atonement. But now it seems to me that my punishment lies in my inability to help you at all. That I did not get love from you." He departs.

  33. Ayesha confronts Piya: "We were all prepared for a bank to auction the company, but then Shekhar came and it all improved. Now he's going back to Bombay! You're snatching a son from his father, a brother from his sister — and the man you love from yourself! Go and stop him!"

  34. Piya catches Shekhar. "You think you can enter and leave my life whenever you want, without telling me?" Shekhar: "I'm not needed anymore." Piya: "Who doesn't need you? Mili, Dad, Grandma, me?" Shekhar: "Shah Industries." Piya: "Shah Industries? Is that all there is between us? If I tried to live again after Amar's death, it was only because of you. I love you!" Shekhar: "I don't love you." Piya: "You're lying."  Shekhar: "No, it's the truth." Piya: "No, a woman isn't wrong about these things. Look into my eyes and say you don't love me." (ARGH! WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT WORKS???) And now, in case you've forgotten what you've just watched, here's a rehash of the whole movie till this point.

  35. Shekhar gets off the plane to find her, but he's arrested for the hit and run, because Indian policemen apparently have world-wide jurisdiction.

  36. Abhi wakes morose. Piya shows up to sign the papers. While the policemen in the airport bar lords it over Shekhar, Abhi porposes to Piya, saying he'll make sure she's never sad again. She replies that the woman who marries him will be very fortunate, but she's had enough of love, and her family will decide on any proposal from now on. Abhi wants to meet them instantly. Meanwhile, Shekhar gets drunk at the policeman's invite.

  37. Abhi and Piya get engaged. Shekhar calls drunkenly on the policeman's phone to confess all. He loves her very much — but he could never tell her. Wanna know why? "Yes," Piya says. Shekhar: "Okay, I'll tell you a poem then." He recites the poem she spoke on Amar's cellphone as he lay dying. "Piya, Amar never even heard that poem. I'm the guy whose fault his accident is." At that moment, in a sickening twist of kindergarten irony, a car hits Shekhar and races onward.

  38. Piya confesses to Baba that she fell in love with the man who killed Amar and lied to them all. She did it unwittingly but now she knows it all, why does she want to stop him from leaving and break her engagement to Abhi? Why, when she knows he's a killer? Baba speaks: "Shekhar didn't kill Amar. It was an accident. When Shekhar first came, he told me all of it... Our Amar hasn't left, he's returned in the form of Shekhar."

  39. Piya and Abhi run to the hospital. When Shekhar regains consciousness, he calls for her. Moment of realization. Abhi retrieves his ring: "I told you I just wanted to see you happy." Abhi tells his uncle that Calgary sucks, time to move elsewhere.

  40. Meanwhile, the police officer closes the case, having decided that the family needs Shekhar more the law does. Piya and Mili come running downstairs to announce that Shekhar has recovered. Happy ever after.
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