1. Ria (URMILA MATONDKAR) goes out unexpectedly. Her father laughs at the idea of getting her married, as her maid suggests.

  2. Jay (FARDEEN KHAN), a photographer, goes out on a photo-search (SONG: KU KU KU). He stumbles onto Ria exercising and is enchanted. Secretly takes photos, though when he asks her to pose for him, she angrily refuses. She also balks at introducing herself.

  3. Jay, the flirt of the office, returns in triumph with photos of Ria, though he does not tell his boss, Wispy, that she refused to give her permission to use them.

  4. Ria is in one of her blue moods. She recoils at her father's suggestion that she think of marriage.

  5. Wispy's servant, Rampal, poses as an infamous mobster named Chota Vakil. Demands money on the threat of Wispy's murder. Tells Wispy to give the money to his friend Rampal. Wispy later confides his predicament to Rampal and begs him to intervene with Chota Vakil, whom Rampal clams to know from back home in the village.

  6. At the party where Wispy unveils his new fashion magazine, Ria is shocked and her father thrilled to see she is the magazine's new "face." Meanwhile, Rampal poses as C.V. again, demanding the boss give him even more money for daring to ask Rampal to bargain with him. If Wispy doesn't pay the new price, "Chota Vakil" swears he'll kill him.

  7. While Ria's dad continues to enthuse about her modeling career and Jay's immense talent, Rampal sadly informs his employer that Chota Vakil has raised the price to 50,000 Rs. Meanwhile, Ria is protesting to Wispy about using the photos that were taken of her without her permission. Jay promises to soothe Ria's ruffled feathers and win her permission to run the photos.

  8. When Ria proves not only hostile but violent to Jay's overtures, he loses his temper and tells her he doesn't care who her father is or what she might do to him. He has given her a new and better identity, and she should be grateful. His quick switch to humor wins her over. She agrees to pose for him.

  9. .At the photo session, Jay tells her to drop the would-be model poses and be just the way she normally is. As the shoots continue, they grow closer. When she tries to get him to spend time with her after a shoot, he says he has to go and do other things. She threatens to kill herself. He tells her to knock it off; she asks him if he really thinks she wouldn't do it. Seeing the truth in her eyes, he snatches her away from danger and upbraids her for being an insane idiot. Later he charms her by telling her how fortunate the man who weds her will be. She is smitten. (SONG: KAMBAKHT ISHQ)

  10. Ria's a changed person. Meanwhile, Wispy gives Rampal the money and a request that he ask C.V. not to call anymore.

  11. When Ria shows up for a shoot and finds that Jay is using another model, she's hurt. But he remembers her birthday, and promises to attend the party her father is throwing for her, so she cheers up..

  12. At the party. Jay is late but redeems himself by giving her a gift which he says is just like her.

  13. Rampal regretfully tells his boss that his father is very ill so he must quit his job. The boss offers him a token of gratitude for his faithful service.

  14. Ria tells her father that she's met someone. Her father wants to meet this mysterious man. Ria calls Jay and tells him that she has to see him. He tells her to come on over to his house. Ria, excited, prepares to break the news that her father wants to get to know him (SONG: PYAAR TUNE KYA KIYA).

  15. Ria arrives at Jay's house - and is greeted by his wife, Geeta (SONALI KULKARNI).

  16. Ria meets with Jay and asks him why he never told her that he was married. He says he is utterly confused why she's talking about his wife; she tells him she cannot believe that he had no clue that she was in love with him. Jay, flabbergasted, says he always looked on her as a friend. So you never loved me? Ria demands. He says that he loves his wife, but that she is stunningly beautiful and that any man would want to love her; that he himself never dreamed a woman like her would want to love someone like him, and that if he weren't married - but he is, so what's the point?

  17. Jay tells Geeta of Ria's crush on him. He swears from now on he'll be super circumpsect around the models, and then, later, remembers to tell Geeta that he lied to Ria, telling her that he would have fallen for her if he weren't married. Geeta wants to know why he lied, and he says that he hopes the lie will bring Ria some comfort.

  18. Ria is crushed (SONG: ROUNDE). She calls Jay from the roof of his office, suicidal. He runs to save her, and tells her she's not thinking clearly; she's a beautiful woman, lots of men will fall in love with her, and that obviously even he cares a lot to be there with her. She repeats that, amending it to "You love me a lot - I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He takes her off the roof and back to her house. She wants to go with him but he reminds her that his wife will be worrying about him. This enrages Ria. She storms off.

  19. Geeta wants Jay to call the police, but he angrily refuses, saying that will ruin this young girl's life. They fight. Later, he tells her he has to think on what to do, but he needs her support.

  20. Jay takes the day off work and he and Geeta decide to spend it relaxing. On their way out, Ria calls to apologize and says she'll never do anything like that again. Can they be friends? He assures her that they'll always be friends. She wonders if htey can talk now and then. Of course! Right now? He is forced to tell her he can't talk right now, but he'll give her a call later.

  21. Ria and Jay's day out (SONG: JAANA).

  22. Ria calls as soon as Geeta and Jay walk in the door. She is hysterical and furious that he hasn't called her yet. He calms her down, but ends up talking into the wee hours of the morning. Geeta finds him asleep on the couch the next morning and is furious with Ria. When Ria calls, Geeta refuses to wake Jay up, though Ria protests that "he said he'd call me this morning." Jay isn't pleased at his wife's actions, because now, he says, he'll have to pacify Ria all over again. Geeta furiously rails against the need to pacify her, and then says she never wants to hear the girl's name again. She sulks, and Jay begins to search the house for something. She asks him what he's looking for, and he says he's searching for her voice. She laughs, and they make up.

  23. At a party. Rampal shows up dressed to the nines. He claims that his stingy father finally died, leaving Rampal to inherit his vast fortune. Once Rampal gets drunk, Wispy coaxes him to admit the turth, that he was posing as Chota Vakil all along. Meanwhile, Ria intercepts Jay, and Geeta is not pleased.

  24. Geeta wants to know if there's something going on between Jay and Ria. Jay is infuriated by her doubts - if, after all these years of marriage, one crazy girl can shake her faith in him, what do they even have together, really? Geeta says she doesn't know - so why should she stay? Jay tells her not to stay - go ahead and leave! She does. Ria shows up and throws herself at Jay; as he tries to get her out, Geeta returns and misconstrues the scene, with disastrous results.

  25. Jay begs Geeta to trust him, htough he admits that if he were in her shoes, it would be difficult for him to do so. He tells her that they'll leave Mumbai and go elsewhere, begin a new life together away from the psycho. While he consults with the doctor, Ria shows up to beg Geeta to understand that she and Jay never intended to hurt her, but that their love was too strong to resist. Geeta refuses to believe her, coldly informing her that Jay's love is only for his wife. She tells Ria to get out, and Jay returns in time to second the motion.

  26. Wispy is shocked at Jay's decision to uproot and abandon his blossoming career. He tries to change Jay's mind but Jay is immoveable, and will not explain his reasons.

  27. Ria calls and begs him to meet her one last time. She says she did the modelling only for him, and hte least he can give her is ten minutes out of hte rest of his long life without her. He reluctantly agrees, Ria's maid overhears and informs her employer that his daughter is going to meet with Jay. Ria's dad searches for Jay's address as Jay takes off to his studio (via Ria's house, and, he hopes, her father) to meet Ria.

  28. Ria, however, has decided to get rid of what she considers the real problem.

  29. Six months later, Ria's father stops by Jay's house, explaining that his whole life, he has tried to give his daughter what she asks for on her birthday, but that this birthday, all she will say is Jay's name. Her dad begs Jay to gift her with his presence, for no matter how short a time. Jay reluctantly agrees.


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