1. Baldev Singh is an Indian expatriate living in London - he has not been home to India for twenty years, but he dreams of returning soon.  (SONG: GHAR AAJA PARDESI)   

  2. Baldev's wife is devoted to him in the manner of a traditional Indian wife, and calls every morning to make sure he's arrived safely to work.  However, her children, Rajeshwari and Simran (Kajol), are clearly products of an upbringing (in a traditional Indian family) in England.  Simran dreams of a man who has started coming to her in her dreams (the passage she reads to her mother from her diary is quite famous, and if you'd like to translate it yourself, you will find it reproduced on several websites.  Simply search for the phrase "aisa pehli baar hua hai.").  Her mother wonders if such a man as Simran describes truly exists; Simran assures her mother that he does.  (SONG: MERE KHWABON MEIN)       

  3. Raj Malhotra (Shahrukh Khan), an all-around athlete and party-hound, is late for graduation.  Upon arrival, he learns that his friend is nervous because there's a rumor circulating that someone has failed, and the failure's name is to be announced in lieu of granting him a diploma.  Raj is shocked to learn that he is the first person in the history of the university to fail.         

  4. Raj's dad, Dharam Malhotra, is very proud of Raj for keeping up the family tradition of either not attending college or flunking out.  He proposes that Raj come in to the office tomorrow to start work, but Raj wants to travel around Europe.  Though at first his father is skeptical, he then decides to let Raj go, since he himself has spent his whole life toiling away and wishes for his son to enjoy himself.

  5. Simran's dad gets a letter from his good friend in Punjab, proposing that his son Kuljit is done with his studies, his engagement with Simran should be formalized and the wedding take place.  Simran is horrified, but her father (AKA 'Baoji') is overjoyed.  Simran moans, "I forgot I had no right to dream."

  6. Simran's friend Sheena tries to convince Simran to ask Baoji if she can accompany her friends on a month's tour of Europe.  Later, Simran broaches the idea to her mother, who is highly skeptical but says she will leave the decision to her husband.    

  7. Raj and some friends desperately want beer.  Since his shop has just closed, Baoji refuses to sell it to Raj's friend.  Raj takes a different approach, appealing to him as one Indian to another in a foreign land, and begging for him to re-open the store so he can buy some aspirin.  Inside, he then offers to buy something more so the tab will be greater.  When he offers to buy the beer, Baoji realizes he's been tricked and is outraged.  Raj takes the beer, throws down some money, and runs off.  Baoji is near apoplectic, and later tells his wife that Raj and his friends are shameless disgraces.    

  8. Simran gets up early so her father will find her praying.  Having thus humored him, she begs to be allowed to travel Europe.  She points out that she's never complained about having to go to a country she's never seen and marry a man that she's never met, and that this is perhaps the last time she'll ever see her friends, and certainly her last chance to see Europe.  Finally, Baoji agrees to let her go.   

  9. Raj and Simran are both late to the train.  Raj pulls a typical line on her - "Have I seen you somewhere before?  At Robi's party?" - which she stonewalls by replying coldly, "I don't go to parties."  He tells her her eyes remind him of his grandmother's, but she is unimpressed.  Later on, in their respective compartments, they relive the exchange for their friends.  Raj tells the boys that Simran was all over him; Simran tells the girls that he was utterly transparent.  Both groups receive invitations to a party in Paris sponsored by Eurrail.  

  10. At the party.  It is a deadly dull affair, so Simran's friends are very glad (though Simran is not) when Raj & co. show up.  Raj tries to hit on Sheena with the same lines he used earlier on Simran, and Simran is disgusted to see Sheena preen beneath his compliments.  Sheena mentions that she loves the piano, and Raj modestly admits that he's been playing it since childhood.  Simran publicly volunteers him to play for the crowd.  (SONG: RUK JA O DIL DEEWANE)

  11. The next day.  Raj apologizes to Simran for his unacceptable behavior the night before.  She forgives him and accepts his rose as a peace offering.  The truce is extremely short-lived, however.  

  12. At the train station.  Raj is haggling over knives with a shopkeeper.  Simran comes in to purchase a cow bell, and Raj deliberately delays his decision-making to frustrate her.  They end up missing the train.  Simran is utterly panicked, and Raj tries to calm her down.  Matters are not helped when she discovers there's not another train until the next day.  Raj suggests they rent a car - or would she prefer to take the bus? - and Simran tells him to get lost, he's caused enough trouble already!     

  13. Simran tries to hitch a ride.  The Swiss police aren't very understanding, particularly when she is unable to give them her passport (left on the train!).  Raj pulls up in the nick of time and thanks them for finding his wife.  Simran, thus saved from jail, is less than grateful, which annoys Raj.  After a long moment of indecision, she decides to go with him.              

  14. Raj assures Simran that nothing else will go wrong - and the car runs out of gas.  He reassures her, saying (his trademark line): "In big countries, little things like this will happen."  They walk into town, where Raj secures a room for them - one room, which is all the bed & breakfast has available.  Simran refuses to share the room with him, and stalks out to make her bed in the barn.     

  15. Raj, unwillingly chivalrous, joins her in the barn, where he mocks her choice of accommodations.  He tries to feed her, but she is sulking and refuses to eat.  Concerned for her, he apologizes and says there's no need to worry further - tomorrow they'll catch the train to Zurich and all will be good.  No sooner than the words leave his mouth, snow begins to drift down through the holes in the barn roof.  Raj pulls out a flask of cognac and begins to drink in order to stay warm.  Simran is appalled and tells him to get it out of her sight.  He cheerfully makes a bed on the opposite side of the barn, and says that if she's still alive in the morning, he'll see her then.  Freezing and depressed, Simran casts another, longer look at the cognac.
  16. Simran gets wasted.  (SONG: ZARA SA JHOOM LOOM MAIN) 

  17. The next morning.  Simran wakes up in the bedroom she had previously scorned and discovers she is wearing Raj's clothes and her own are strewn all over the floor.  Raj comes in with her breakfast.  He is overly solicitous, which alarms her.  She demands to know what happened last night.  Her horror grows as he tells her, "What should have happened, happened.  But it's never been like that before for me..."  She denies it vehemently, so he offers as proof the lipstick marks all over his chest.  When she flips out, he tells her it was just a joke.  But she is near hysterical.  He shakes her and says that whatever she might think of him, he's still an Indian, and he understands how important honor is to an Indian girl.  He apologizes sincerely, and she calms down.  Simran hugs him in relief, and then, finally, grows self-conscious and moves away.    

  18. While waiting for a bus to the train station, Simran sees a pretty church and drags Raj there against his will.  He is struck by the sincerity and innocence with which she prays, and asks her what she prayed for.  She says she cannot tell him what she asked of God, but surely He will grant any request asked with pure intent.  Moved, Raj runs back to the church and prays for Simran's request, whatever it may be, to be granted.         

  19. At the train station.  Simran asks Raj if he'd like to send a postcard to his father.  He jokes that if he did that, his father would surely assume he was in dire straits.  Amused, she exclaims, "When was the last time you were serious!?"  He says, "Never.  I'll be serious only once: when I fall in love."  Simran is incredulous of the fact that Raj has never fallen in love, and he assures her that while he's had many affairs, he's never met The One.  He then describes to her what his dream-girl is like.  His poetic words impress Simran.  He asks her if she's never dreamed of someone, unseen and unknown - almost the exact words that Simran used when describing her dream-man to her mother.  She is stunned, and covers her discomfort by telling him there's no room for a dream-man - her marriage is already arranged.  Raj is amazed to learn that she's planning on spending her entire life with a man she's never met.  She says, "That's our (the Indian) way."  "And are you happy with that decision?"  The train's arrival saves her from having to answer.      

  20. Back with their respective friends, Raj and Simran take a look at the group's photos.  Raj slips one of himself and Simran into his lap, but returns it when Sheena mentions Simran's upcoming marriage.

  21. On the train.  Simran hears Raj playing his ukelele?  or is it a mandolin?  She runs out to get him, and he confesses to her that he's fallen in love with her.  As she stands there, stunned, he cracks up and gloats that "I really had you there for a second; you should have seen the look on your face!"  As she mutters oaths, he continues, "Who knows how a person can spend his whole life with just one girl, when there are so many beautiful girls out there... This one's lips, that one's hair...  But you, you're going to spend your whole life with a man you've never seen.  What if, Simran, you fell in love with someone - say, me - and I loved you too?  What would you do then?  Would you go back and marry him, or would you have the courage to love me?"  The train whistle blows, and Simran says with relief, "Well.  I don't want to miss the train again."  Raj murmurs, "And I want to miss it again and again."  Simran says, "What?"  But he doesn't answer.  She walks away, and he tells himself, "If she turns back, she loves you.  Turn back... turn back..."  And Simran does.       

  22. At the London train station.  Simran says farewell to Raj, and then runs back to ask for his address so she can invite him to her wedding.  "You'll come, won't you?  Won't you?"  "No," he says, "I won't come."  And walks away, leaving Simran dazed with a realization: they are in love with each other. (SONG: HO GAYA HAI TUJHKO TO PYAR SAJNA)   

  23. Simran tells her mother that she met the man of her dreams on her Europe trip - and her father overhears.  Enraged that she "broke his trust," he tells her to pack up: they're heading to India immediately.        

  24. Raj tells his dad about Simran.  Malhotra tells Raj to go after her - that it's not too late until she is brought in a wedding palanquin to her husband.  Raj takes heart, and goes to Simran's house, where he learns from a neighbor that Simran and family have already gone to Punjab.  Raj promises her that he is coming for her.    

  25. Punjab.  Baoji is welcomed home by his mother after a twenty-year absence.  Kuljit sees his future bride.  Simran and her sister are unimpressed.

  26. Simran's having a hard time of it.  Her mother explains to her the plight of the Indian woman, saying that once her own mother told her that there was no different between a man and a woman, but as she got older, she realized what a lie that had been.  "My education was stopped because my brother's was more important.  That was my first sacrifice.  There were more, on every step of the way - as daughter, as sister, as wife... But when you were born, and I held you, so tiny, in my hands, I vowed that what happened to me would never happen to you - you would never have to make those sacrifices... But I was wrong.  I forgot that women have no right to make promises... They're born to make sacrifices for men, because men will never make them for women... So forget this other man, Simran, because your father will never understand your tears... I beg you to forget him."  Simran tearfully agrees that her mother is right, and adds that "Dad was only thinking of my happiness... can't I make a little sacrifice for him?... Go to Dad and tell him that truly, I'm ready for this wedding... and there's no need to worry about me any longer."          

  27. Kuljit speaks confidently about his ability to handle Simran after the wedding.  Grandma asks Baoji why Simran seems so sad.  Baoji reassures her, but later tells his wife that Simran better forget this guy, or she'll regret it.             

  28. Simran is woken up by the sound of Raj's particular song, but this time, it doesn't go away - it's not in her head.  She runs outside - and finds him there.  (SONG: TUJHE DEKHA TO)  Simran begs Raj to take her away from this place, telling him her father won't change his mind.  But Raj refuses, saying he'll take her only when her father himself puts her hand in his.  He tells her to trust him, and adds that from this day on, they're strangers when they meet.         

  29. Raj arranges a trap for Kuljit and then "rescues" him.  Later, around the campfire, he lets slip that he's here to build a beer factory - would, say, eight or ten million pounds cover the expenses?  Stunned at the fact that Raj has such a vast amount of money at his disposal, Kuljit becomes his new best friend and invites him to come stay at their house.

  30. Kuljit's family is very grateful to Raj for "saving" Kuljit's life.  Kuljit's sister, Preeti, is instantly smitten.  Kuljit's dad is smitten by the idea of eight or ten million pounds.  Later Raj meets Simran's father Baoji, who says he recognizes Raj from somewhere... Raj curses his own bad luck.   

  31. Raj endears himself to the women.  Grandma comments to Baoji that Simran is finally looking happy.

  32. Raj tries to endear himself to Baoji.  Later, he pretends to be sick so he won't have to go on a hunt with Kuljit.  He continues to woo the women - and gives Preeti the wrong idea. 

  33. Raj intercepts Simran and tries to kiss her.  She's afraid, and says, "Mom will see."  Raj: "So she'll see."  "My sister will see."  "So she'll see."  "My aunt will come."  "Let her come."  Baoji calls out, which quickly kills their bravado.

  34. Raj finally manages to impress Baoji during a game of chess - until Baoji realizes it's Raj who's made such a marvelous move.

  35. Simran panics, since tomorrow is her engagement ceremony.  Raj tells her to be calm, but she is concerned because when a man puts his ring around a woman's left ring finger, that's as good as marriage.  Raj tells her he understands her pain, her fear, and her love, but what can he do?  These people don't know him well enough yet; he needs more time before revealing his hand.  Simran returns to her bed to discover her sister has been awake the entire time.  Rajeshwari tells Simran that she doesn't like Kuljit... but she does like Raj.  Is Raj the boy she met in Europe?  Simran admits that he is.  Rajeshwari tells Simran to marry Raj.  Simran says she will.      

  36. Raj is now basically in charge of the house.  Everyone's coming to him with questions.  At the engagement ceremony, Simran finds a clever way out of her dilemma.  (SONG: MEHNDI LAGA KE RAKHNA)  

  37. Kuljit's parents invite Raj to marry Preeti.  At a loss for a graceful way to say no, Raj says he has to ask his father before saying yes.  They suggest that he call his father, but he tells them that his dad's in the U.S. on a business trip.  Little does he know that his father has just arrived in Punjab, come to help his boy!  Raj finds out, though, when he returns to the house later to find that his father (thinking that Preeti is the girl Raj loves and came to India to marry) has happily given his blessing to the match.  

  38. Simran is upset again, because the celebration of Kadwachauth is approaching (in which wives fast until moon-rise, after which they break their fast by taking food and water only from their husbands' hands).  Raj is sarcastic, and she gets mad and leaves.  Raj sighs, "She's just like her father."  

  39. Raj's dad meets Simran.  Later he meets Bua, with whom he shares an instant attraction.

  40. At the ceremony of Kadwachauth, Simran finds another clever way out of her predicament.

  41. Later, on the roof, Rajeshwari tries to convince Simran to eat something, telling her that Raj is in high demand downstairs.  But Simran is stubborn: she will break her fast only with food from Raj's own hand.  Raj finally shows up, but Simran sulks and refuses to eat, saying spitefully that Raj was resting easy downstairs while she was starving, having not eaten anything all day.  Rajeshwari, fed up, reveals to Simran that Raj has kept the fast with her.  Mollified, Simran permits Raj to feed her, and feeds him in return. 

  42. Simran's mother oversees this tender scene, and realizes everything.  Later, she calls Raj and Simran into her room and gives them all her jewelery.  She tells Simran that she's changed her mind - her daughter's love will not be a sacrifice.  Then she begs them to run, assuring them that Baoji will never change his mind.  Raj refuses to run, saying he was very young when his mother died, but he can remember one thing she told him: in this life, you can take two roads, a right one and a wrong one.  And on the wrong one you may find every happiness conceivable, but you will still be in the wrong.  And on the right one you may encounter great difficulty, but you will be in the right.  "So tell me, shall I take the right road, or the wrong one?"  Simran's mother concedes that his path is exactly right, but adds, "You don't know my husband."  Raj replies, "And your husband doesn't know me."

  43. Raj's dad, Dharam Malhotra, tries to convince Kuljit that Simran isn't right for him.  He suggests Kuljit come to London, where he will go crazy with all the girls.  Kuljit says it's no big deal, he'll marry and enjoy the London girls, too.    

  44. Baoji and Raj discuss the pigeons.  Baoji says the birds are different here (better).  Raj ventures that perhaps the difference might just be in his mind - perhaps he doesn't recognize them in England.  Kuljit shoots a bird, and Raj saves it.  Then he asks Baoji to forgive him for the incident in London.  Baoji says by way of answer that maybe Raj is right - maybe he just doesn't recognize the birds when he's in London.

  45. Grandma takes ill, and she has one wish before she dies: to see Simran as a bride.  The families decide to have the wedding tomorrow.

  46. Raj's dad arranges for tickets on tomorrow's train, and encourages Raj to just take Simran and go!  Raj refuses.  He stands by his decision with both his dad and Simran.

  47. Baoji finds a picture of Raj and Simran together and realizes everything.  He confronts Raj.  Simran tells Raj she told him they should have run!  Yet Raj says no.  He asks, "Where would we have gone?... This is our mother and father... the ones who have loved and cared for us our entire lives... we have no right to put our own happiness before theirs... Baoji speaks rightly when he calls me a liar... How did I ever hope to win you with lies?  Baoji is right; I'm not worthy of you..."  He gives Simran back to Baoji, adding, "If you really believe that Simran will be happier with Kuljit, then you must be right, because you know her better than I do."  He takes his leave.

  48. At the train station.  Raj assures his father that Simran will come; Baoji will bring her himself.  But Kuljit and his cronies arrive first, and thrash Raj.  Raj's dad goes and beseeches Baoji to see sense, but Baoji remains unyielding.  Malhotra returns to the train station and joins the fight.  Baoji is told of the fight, and they all rush down to the train station.  Simran begs her father to let her go with Raj.  He refuses... and refuses... and then finally tells her, "Go.  No one's going to love you more than this boy does.  Go, daughter.  Go and live your life."  Happy ever after, credits.


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